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What April Showers Bring

Posted on: April 27, 2008

April showers bring May flowers

The first showers of April weren’t just showers. It was more like a downpour, with slick roads, floodwater in some areas and people wanting a hot meal. I was on my way home when the evening sky opened up and buckets poured. I sought refuge at one of the fast food chains. After more than 30 minutes of patiently waiting for the rain to abate, I decided to risk it and ran outside to get a cab.

Well, wouldn’t you know… I got a driver straight out of driving school hell. He drove too fast on the slippery roads, not slowing down as we turned corners, hand glued to the horn. I was holding on for dear life and trying not to bounce too much in the backseat (no seat belts!). I was trying to appear unaffected. I was not about to let on that I was so close to reciting the Lord’s prayer out loud. I felt like kissing the pavement when I got out of the cab in one piece.

And here I always thought April showers brought May flowers. That’s not all, it seems. It also brings out the hell-streak in some cabbies. 😛


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