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G has been telling me all about the great finds, good food and perya-like amusement activities of Colon Night Market. Today, I finally had a chance to go. I had loads of fun! Everything you can think of (and even those you haven’t thought of) are for sale at bargain prices. That plus all the food that would remind you of your childhood: fish balls, squid balls, kwek kwek (quail eggs in batter), sweet corn, those cool colorful drinks with sago in big white plastic jugs, and all the fresh fruits in season like oranges, guavas and mangoes. The best part, though, is me not buying any thing! I oohed and ahhed over a lot of bags and shoes but did not make a single purchase. Too bad we didn’t bring our cameras. Well, there’s always next time.

Some tips for a much more fun experience at the Colon Night Market:

  1. If you have a tendency to be claustrophobic (like me) be sure to keep moving. Do not stay too long in one place, especially in the designated pathways. If you want to take a closer look at the merchandise, go inside the stall.
  2. Do not immediately buy the first item you like. There might be similar or like items a few stalls away that are cheaper.
  3. Haggle like crazy! That is half the fun experience at such markets.
  4. Make sure your bills are in PhP100 denominations or lesser. Makes it easier when paying and makes haggling more effective (for obvious reasons).
  5. Wear your most comfy shoes and getup. Cargo jeans or cargo shorts are preferable. All those pockets means security for all your valuables like mobile phones, wallets and currencies.
  6. Bring your own big shopping bag. It is better to put all your purchases without the standard plastic bags the items come wrapped in. Be kind to Earth. Remember what Masi Oka said: It’s time to Green Your Routine.
  7. Bring your own bottled water.
  8. Leave the arte side of yourself at home. By this I mean bear in mind that this is Colon; not uptown or Ayala Business Center. There will be sights and smells that are uniquely downtown and if that spoils it for you, better not go.

G further said that the place bustles with a different kind of energy in the early evenings than it does an hour or two toward closing time. I just might try that next time. I will hopefully have taken the cam and have some photos to share in another post.


Life makes you practical. But I am tired of being practical. I want to live life: no cares, no worries, have fun, be carefree and wild.

I wonder, though, if this is but a matter of perspective. Surely, how content and happy we are with the life we live is dependent upon our perspective and what we consider important.

Scientists have created a machine that will recreate the big bang. Excerpt from the news article:

If all goes according to plan, the Large Hadron Collider, a gigantic particle accelerator underground near Geneva, could re-create the very moment 13 billion years ago when scientists believe a tremendous explosion known as the “big bang” created the universe.

Read complete story here.

What has me wondering a bit is if they have taken all necessary precautions or thought the whole thing through. I mean this is a recreation of the big bang. What happens to everyone in the surrounding areas when or after they turn the LHC on? No tremors or other things that can trigger disasters?

I am all for change and anything that can improve the world and our understanding of it. Maybe they should have included some assurances in the news article that nothing untoward is going to happen so all of us cousins of Chicken Little (fifty five times removed) don’t get any ideas of the sky falling again.  😉


Posted on: September 6, 2008

I woke up this morning to the sound of the neighbor warbling like it was her god-given right. Right. If she sounded half as good as I hoped she would, all would be alright in the world because I could go right on back to sleep. But she did not and so I had no choice but get up and start my day. Talk about starting the Saturday right. Right.

Whose World?

Posted on: April 1, 2008


by Delainey and Rasmussen

Herb and Jamaal by Stephen Bentley


I am trying to be good because I have a goal. Being buried in work helps. But only up to a certain extent. I still fail at some of the things I need to do. Chucking everything is surely fun … Hey! This is exactly the reason for this post. :mrgreen:

7 Things

Posted on: January 28, 2007

I got my pc back and I am now in the process of installing drivers for the gadgets and mapping directories. As I browsed and read through docs to determine if I needed to delete or retain them, I found a text file on 7 Things You Must Give To Others If You Want To Achieve Success by Chris Widener. My date stamp says 4/28/2004. Hmm. I have forgotten about this. A good read; makes you sit and ponder.

In a nutshell, Mr. Widener says:

If you want to live the life you have always dreamed of ask yourself if you:

Give Others Your Honesty
Give Others Your Respect.
Give Others Your Vulnerability.
Give Others Your Care.
Give Others Your Passion.
Give Others Your Experience.
Give Others Your Help.

Read the whole article and then some, here.


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