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Posted on: December 6, 2008

I keep saying that I am not like them. I keep thinking I don’t do it that much.

Say what you will, but, No. I am not a serial blogger.

And I would like to live this fantasy for a little while longer.


That’s the question we may find ourselves asking people who are in costume. I, for one, sometimes don’t really bother but I do give good suggestions to friends who ask. 😉

This year, I didn’t dress up for Halloween and I don’t think I will be dressing up in something Latin-inspired for the company Christmas party as I am not even certain I will attend. The party is on a Sunday. I will, however, be in costume for the Copyediting team Christmas party on the 20th. I will be at the party as–oh wait, it’s supposed to be a secret until the day itself. The organizers are pretty strict on this matter.

I was undecided about my costume until last night. What decided it was finding the perfect thing to wear. So yes, this early, I am ready. For someone who isn’t into this kind of thing, me ready with my costume this early is a first. :mrgreen:

April showers bring May flowers

The first showers of April weren’t just showers. It was more like a downpour, with slick roads, floodwater in some areas and people wanting a hot meal. I was on my way home when the evening sky opened up and buckets poured. I sought refuge at one of the fast food chains. After more than 30 minutes of patiently waiting for the rain to abate, I decided to risk it and ran outside to get a cab.

Well, wouldn’t you know… I got a driver straight out of driving school hell. He drove too fast on the slippery roads, not slowing down as we turned corners, hand glued to the horn. I was holding on for dear life and trying not to bounce too much in the backseat (no seat belts!). I was trying to appear unaffected. I was not about to let on that I was so close to reciting the Lord’s prayer out loud. I felt like kissing the pavement when I got out of the cab in one piece.

And here I always thought April showers brought May flowers. That’s not all, it seems. It also brings out the hell-streak in some cabbies. 😛

For chairs, that is. It’s funny. The past few days last week and this week, I have had to find a chair to sit on before I can start work. This in a work place with a gazillion work stations and supposedly one chair for every one of those gazillion work cubes. Anyway, I asked Admin about it and turns out it is because the provider had taken the defective and non-defective wheels off some of the chairs. Now, people stay away from these chairs because they don’t move. If you sit on one, you are rooted to the spot. Literally. If your supervisor/manager–sitting right next to you–asks you to scoot over to their cube because they want to show you something, you have a big chance of falling over. Duh. Who wants that? So it’s the weekend. In 2 days, I’ll find out if I will still be looking for an available chair or if the chair I left on early Saturday morning is still there. 😀

Today is April Fool’s Day but no one I know got punk’d. Or pranked. (Is there such a word?) But then again, when you just finished a very challenging quarter, not to mention a seemingly uphill climb to reach month-end goal, inane holidays slip by you. Sometimes.

Anyway, today I was supposed to start Day 1 of Writing Class. I say supposed because I did not go. I went home instead. No reason. I just didn’t feel like going to class. I don’t think the teacher will mind. One student not present hardly seems like the end of the world. Playing catch-up, however, can be killer. I think I will have to gear up and double time on Thursday to be on track. You know how these summer classes go. It’s like watching a Fast and Furious movie. Only difference is, you’re living in it.

Whose World?

Posted on: April 1, 2008


by Delainey and Rasmussen

The moms (I have two.. ain’t I so lucky?! 😀 ) asked me how it went: How was your first day?

The friends asked me how the new work place was: How is it there? Nice?

F asked if I was still alive or if I barely crawled home and could still work the next day: F-u-n-n-y.

But first days being what they are, I can say it went pretty dang well. It’s matching the new faces with the names that gets you everytime. And with a population size that beats a small mountain barangay, it’ll take me awhile. But I’ll get there. :mrgreen:


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