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Posted on: July 20, 2008

I waited all day. In vain.

By mid-day I was working up to a whole new height of stress and frustration. But I was determined to not let them have the best of me.

Nothing between me and the dirt and grime.

I scrubbed.
I cleaned.
I washed.

Two hours later, my bathroom was at the cleanest it has been in weeks.

There is something about cleaning the bathroom that makes my brain take a mini-vacation. I switch into auto-pilot and whatever it is that is bothering me or has me hot under the collar goes away. I get a clearer perspective of where that particular thing ranked in the grand scheme of things.

I can probably wax poetic about my bathroom if I wanted to, but that would be overdoing it. Suffice to say, the repairmen are lucky I spent all that energy on the bathroom walls and floors instead.


It’s been 11 days and counting. It’s always We have forwarded your concern to our support group but no one has called or sent SMS that they were going to do the repairs and fix the problem. 2007 Best in Customer Service awardee, indeed.


No Plans

Posted on: July 6, 2008

I just got back from a very relaxing 3-day weekend at a place that is my sanctuary. I haven’t gone there in a while so it was nice to pack an overnight bag and just go. I had no plans to stay the whole weekend but I’m glad I did.

I missed reading my online comics, the blogs that I have been following, news of the world,etc. But as the weekend progressed, I find that I did not really mind. Technology has etched itself so much in our daily routine we sometimes forget how nice it can be to go back to basics. Well, I didn’t go that far back to basics. The place had cable and broadband connection after all. But you know what I mean. What did I bring home for souvenirs? A few mosquito bites, stress-free mind and relaxed body.

So I should be ready for Monday, right?

Er… not quite. But I will be.

It may still be the middle of April, but for me it already spells the end of summer. May will pass by in a rush and Hello! school rush traffic and onslaught of rains. I have no more vacation plans until maybe toward the end of the year. But I spent a really cool weekend at Warren’s Beach in San Remigio with some of the officemates.


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I borrowed the book from Danielle but let it sleep for more than a 2 weeks. I put it on my bookshelf where it promptly got buried under magazines, papers, calendars, and what-not which I kept promising myself I would “take care of when I have time.” Then last night, when sleep eluded me, instead of reaching for my book of the moment, I remembered the book so proceeded downstairs to un-bury it.

And I didn’t go to sleep until I turned the last page. It is good but didn’t touch as many of my emotional chords as Albom’s others works did. I found a review that is closely similar to mine in many aspects. Click here to read it.

I finally finished Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Virgin Suicides a few weeks ago. It is a good read – most times I found myself marveling at the POV presented since the story is in first person, and a teenage boy, at that. I haven’t seen the movie so I don’t have an opinion of whether it does the book justice or even better.

virgin suicides

I have never believed in soul mates. Not because I don’t believe that there is someone for everyone but because I believe my soul to be whole and not a half waiting for the other 50% to make it whole. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think negatively about people who believe in soul mates, whether soul mate lovers or soul mate friends. We all can get along even if we have different views.

Soul mates are fiction and an illusion.

– Gordon B. Hinckley

05 April 2007, Maundy Thursday

EJ invited me to go with them – D, her hubby, and G – to Simala, Sibonga, a town south of Cebu City. Road trip! How could I say No? I got my cam ready, comfy sandals, my hat, and lathered the sunblock on really thick. I was ready to go! When we got to the monastery (Surprise! We didn’t think that was what we would find…) I was glad I decided on ditching the short shorts as the place had this sign: Bawal ang seksing damit (rough translation: Sexy clothes are prohibited).

Quote of the day – EJ: I can’t help it if all my clothes make me look sexy. I so agree! :mrgreen:

My three companions did the stations of the cross while I tagged along and snapped away. This is my favorite picture of the place:

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