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I just got home from the CE team Christmas party at Crown Regency. Movie and TV stars awards night. Or something like that. I forget. :mrgreen: Everyone dressed as a movie or tv character. It was a lot of fun! 😀 I will post pics. Soon. 😉


I’m tired.

I want to quit.

I have been praying for a sign and this could be it.

Some would tell me to forge ahead; let the SOB make his move.

And I say “What for?”


I’m tired of this negative environment.

Sucks the joy out of work and pride in being a professional.

currently looking for a counter.

manual countdown right now…

15 days until closing time

Life makes you practical. But I am tired of being practical. I want to live life: no cares, no worries, have fun, be carefree and wild.

I wonder, though, if this is but a matter of perspective. Surely, how content and happy we are with the life we live is dependent upon our perspective and what we consider important.

Tonight’s Project Review was brief but very fruitful. The boss gave quite a few pointers. I was happy to note that he really is not all bottom line. He is also very pro-employee development. The clincher: he said he had no problems with my recommendation and that he will look into it and let me know.


Yeah, it might be lame to get this giddy over such a statement. I don’t care. This is one recommendation I really would like to see approved because the person deserves it.

A lazy mood now, that is. If you take a peek at my planner, you’d see I have planned a busy weekend. But after going halfway through my stuff and throwing most of them out, I find that I am in no mood to continue. The nice weather–sun’s out but dark clouds loom, which makes it cool, not hot and humid–and the three new books from Fully Booked are a-calling. And then there’s the presentation for class I need to finish prep for. It’s calling me, too. No, not calling. More like wagging a finger at me. Well, there’s tomorrow morning to finish throwing all other stuff out.


This is something that someone made for arts and crafts. They are just so cute I had to steal them for a bit to play and snap a shot or two. Never fear… I returned them to the owner after I was done.

yellow things

August turns out to be the month for goodbyes at the office. I know of four. Not counting the ones that I know nothing about, that is already quite a number. Could it be something in the air, the water, the atmosphere, the stress, better offers, clash in personalities, all or a combination of one or a few of these? I can only gander a guess. But I sometimes wish that I were in this same situation. It is always exciting and challenging when you are in the cusp of something new. The thrill of the unknown, the anticipation of the adventure. Most people may not share my love for change. And it isn’t often that I feel this way. But when it comes to work opportunities, career path or loving what you do, I always feel that I could be doing more or something else somewhere. Work gets pretty old pretty fast for me. I need a challenge: one that involves learning something new, that feeling of a certain degree of pleasure, contentment and knowledge that my work made a difference in some small part toward making the universe a better place for someone or a group of someones. I guess I haven’t found my ultimate calling. Or if it has been staring me in the face, I haven’t paid it much attention. Or maybe I am just feeling a wee bit nostalgic for that feeling of anticipation when embarking toward unchartered territory. Whatever it is, August remains to be the month that has the most number of people I know who stayed a while but are only too happy to be moving on. I wish them all the best.


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