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Posted on: December 6, 2008

I keep saying that I am not like them. I keep thinking I don’t do it that much.

Say what you will, but, No. I am not a serial blogger.

And I would like to live this fantasy for a little while longer.


Life makes you practical. But I am tired of being practical. I want to live life: no cares, no worries, have fun, be carefree and wild.

I wonder, though, if this is but a matter of perspective. Surely, how content and happy we are with the life we live is dependent upon our perspective and what we consider important.

Tonight’s Project Review was brief but very fruitful. The boss gave quite a few pointers. I was happy to note that he really is not all bottom line. He is also very pro-employee development. The clincher: he said he had no problems with my recommendation and that he will look into it and let me know.


Yeah, it might be lame to get this giddy over such a statement. I don’t care. This is one recommendation I really would like to see approved because the person deserves it.

I thought I saw the Pisces sign on one of Jopie’s Facebook albums. When she asked me about it, I had second thoughts and looked it up. Sure enough, it was not the symbol of the twelfth sign of the western zodiac, but the Ichthys or Ichthus, the ancient and classical Greek word for fish, which the early Christians used as a symbol for identification. More popularly known as the Christian fish or the Jesus fish, it consists of two intersecting arcs tracing the outline of a fish (most commonly with the fish “swimming” to the left).

It is a little known fact to me that the Ichthus as a Christian symbol is an acronym for “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior” in ancient Greek.

I was born under the sign of Pisces and have always had a thing for fish pendants and fish designs. But now that I have discovered the Ichthus, I have a better reason, if you can call it that, for choosing to wear the symbol. (I also like butterflies, but that is another post.)

For comparison, since I already mentioned it, here are the (overlapping) symbols of Pisces:

And now that I know that I was at least half-right about the symbol I spotted on the photo, I can now sleep.

A lazy mood now, that is. If you take a peek at my planner, you’d see I have planned a busy weekend. But after going halfway through my stuff and throwing most of them out, I find that I am in no mood to continue. The nice weather–sun’s out but dark clouds loom, which makes it cool, not hot and humid–and the three new books from Fully Booked are a-calling. And then there’s the presentation for class I need to finish prep for. It’s calling me, too. No, not calling. More like wagging a finger at me. Well, there’s tomorrow morning to finish throwing all other stuff out.


This is something that someone made for arts and crafts. They are just so cute I had to steal them for a bit to play and snap a shot or two. Never fear… I returned them to the owner after I was done.

yellow things

That’s the question we may find ourselves asking people who are in costume. I, for one, sometimes don’t really bother but I do give good suggestions to friends who ask. 😉

This year, I didn’t dress up for Halloween and I don’t think I will be dressing up in something Latin-inspired for the company Christmas party as I am not even certain I will attend. The party is on a Sunday. I will, however, be in costume for the Copyediting team Christmas party on the 20th. I will be at the party as–oh wait, it’s supposed to be a secret until the day itself. The organizers are pretty strict on this matter.

I was undecided about my costume until last night. What decided it was finding the perfect thing to wear. So yes, this early, I am ready. For someone who isn’t into this kind of thing, me ready with my costume this early is a first. :mrgreen:

Neil Gaiman is on a book tour to promote The Graveyard Book. I have been following the tour because of the readings that are being filmed and broadcast in installments. No doubt Gaiman is a master storyteller. I am not into audio books but watching and listening to him read The Graveyard Book is a good first experience. I enjoyed the story even more because of the facial expression and the inflections and voice characterizations. I just finished chapter 8, the last chapter, but I am still eager to get a copy of the book.

All chapters are at


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